Take the challenge, drink ketones for 10 days and feel the difference!


This is not a keto diet.
Ketomania invites you to the challenge – 10-day supplementation with exogenous ketones
and experience when your body is powered by super fuel!

What do you get:

  • 20 sachets KETO / OS NAT
  • Access to the PRUVIT trainers team
  • Access to a closed group on Facebook PRUVIT
  • Access to PRUVIT special offers
  • Support our dietitian

Plus for free – a surprise gift!

Your new day plan!

No macro counting. No obscure shopping lists. No complicated nutrition plans. Biotechnology for your body is here, and you already have access to it!

After Wake up

drink 1 x KETO OS / NAT


aim for a low carb meal


drink 1 x KETO OS / NET



another low carb meal



After 10 days

drink ketones every day, do a reset every month



How exogenous ketones work

Why should I supplement KETO // OS®?

Supplementing with exogenous ketones allows you to experience ketosis – the benefits of increased levels of ketones in your blood, without having to follow such a restrictive ketogenic diet or a very low-carbohydrate diet, which is often difficult for some people. Optimize your potential

Is KETO // OS® gluten free?


What are BHB salts and where do they come from?

BHB is found in nature in many foods, including eggs and milk. Salts are acids and bases connected with ionic bonds. Salt is a chemical term used to describe a particular type of chemical. Technically they are defined as ionic compounds formed by the neutralization of acids and bases. They consist of positively and negatively charged components that usually dissociate in water or water-based solutions (such as blood). In colloquial terms, we call table salt, which is actually a sodium chloride salt (NaCl), but this is just one of many chemical compounds that are defined as salts. “BHB salt” is simply a compound that consists of sodium (Na +), potassium (K +) and ketone hydroxybutyrate. In the Keto OS product package, these individual elements are connected together by ionic bonds; however, after drinking, the product is absorbed into the blood, where it dissociates into free Na +, K + and BHB, because it is a water-based solution. In this way, consuming the product directly causes ketones in the blood. Ketones are naturally slightly acidic, so the combination of BHB and sodium acts as a buffer for this acidity. Ketones will also naturally act as a diuretic, so you lose salt, potassium calcium and magnesium, and it is generally recommended to increase your sodium intake with ketones. The addition of sodium to the product will make up for this loss of salt.